Friday, June 29, 2012

Photo App Love

So lately, I have been addicted to iPhone Photo apps and thought I would share some of my favorites with you all. I have been blowing up my iPhone camera for a few weeks now. I think my family thinks I am totally nuts, but I can't resist.

One of the best of course is Instagram. I am sure many of you have it too. If you want to check out my page, it's @tarajo4. Please do. It's so fun. Below are some of my favorite pics using Instagram.
I am equally in love with Instaframe as I am with Instagram. LOL I love that I can collage pics together, add text and filters all at once. YEAH! I made these photos with Instaframe.
More faves are Picfx and BigLens. They have really cool filters. You can even use some pretty fun focus techniques. I like these because you can either keep it basic or advanced.
With this photo, I used BigLens and Instaframe to add text.
BokehBooth and LensLight are really fun for adding Whimsical light layers to your photos. Endless fun with these apps. Oh My!
My two absolute faves from this technique.
I could share a million pics, but you can also check more out on my Instagram page. Again my name on there is @tarajo4. Please come, joing and comment on my fun photos. ;D

I also recently have been on MarbleCam and SphereLens. Very addictive. You will be playing with this a lot just to see how your pics will turn out with this effect. Here are a couple of mine.
A few more photo apps that I adore are....
LabelBox, FramUrLife, PhotoBorders, PicStich, RedStamp, PicCollage, PhotoAutomat, Diptic, Phonto, CaptionsPM,Cool Faces, Halftone and FilmDirector.

All are very entertaining. You will want to check them out!
Let me know what you think in comments below.

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  1. Now I have to check all the apps you recommended. I have some but others I've never heard of...I'm going to be app happy! I found a new guide on snapguide that talked about a great new camera and the settings he uses on his iPhone...thought I'd share it with you.


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