Saturday, June 16, 2012

Outdoor Fun

If you follow me on my blog this will look familiar ;)

It's summertime. Time to get outside and get into nature (do I sound like Dr. Scott the paleontologist?). My kids love to play outside and the other day they had just watched Sid the Science Kid who went camping with his dad....so of course they wanted to go camping too. They got their backpacks, filled them with the essentials, like: buzz lightyear, some stuffed animals, extra shoes, slippers, a stethoscope, journals and some other random items. I couldn't find the small tent that we have for them so I decided to bring out the card table and the card table tent that I made for them a long time ago. It was a hit. They played camping all morning!! Here are some photos from their expedition!
 They were journaling about animals they saw.
 Love this moment so much!! Such sweet sisters (most of the time)
Then yesterday I decided it was time to bust out the pool. I wish we had one big enough that I could get in, but that may come soon!! They had fun playing in the water, splashing each other, playing a little wipe out and washing their toys. It was all good clean fun....until...
 ...Hannah discovered the dirt pile had turned to mud. This little girl LOVES to get dirty and could care less if she is dirty (I love that about her). She had fun squishing the mud in her fingers, painting on the pool with it and slipping and sliding all over the mud with her shoes.
 Eventually Naomi decided to join Hannah in the mud painting...but Micah didn't really care to get dirty. Silly boy!
 Apparently it's best to mow the lawn when you're muddy! They had a great time and mud time was quickly followed by bath time...now I just need to go and clean off all the toys!
Hope you're having a great summer so far and enjoying the great outdoors (now I feel the need to rent that movie).

I've been working on CHRISTMAS presents...have you? I've just got the very beginnings of a few things but I cannot wait to share what I've got in mind for those on my list (we draw names on both sides of the family now so we don't have to get something for everyone!). I've been finding some GREAT sales (like Flirty Aprons for under $5) and have been stocking up so it doesn't come to bite me in December! Do you buy ahead/craft ahead...or wait till the last minute?

Our church is going to participate in a few craft fairs this fall so I'm also working on some crafts to sell for that. I'd LOVE it if you'd consider purchasing something from my etsy store...sales from there will help fund the purchase of supplies for the church craft fairs to raise money for our churches budget!

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  1. My Emma has a black flowery bathing suit just like this :-) This all looks so fun!!


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