Saturday, May 12, 2012

Long lost hello!

Well, hello there! Remember me? I'm the one with three crazy kids, a fourth on the way and who is just recently re-entering the world of blogging. It has been a month since I posted and a whirlwind month it was indeed. Last time I stopped by here was the weekend we moved, at the end of March. Well, we're in our new home and absolutely LOVE it. There are cosmetic changes that need to happen (wallpaper removal, and some paint that needs to go up) but we are truly blessed by our new abode! The backyard has to be one of the BEST parts of this new house. A few trees, but mostly just a large, flat, fenced in area for the kids to play in with a covered patio, where we have already enjoyed many family dinners! We have more space to play, create, and even to go and be alone if need be. We love it here. And you better believe I'll have things to post about in the coming months as we make this house our home and start decorating...I still haven't unpacked all the boxes! Yikes! This baby is making me tired, and the beautiful weather makes me just want to sit outside and watch the kids play! 

So, anyway, before I ramble too long let me share just a couple more little highlights from the month and then I'll ask you to come back next week and see what I've been sewing lately!! Oh and I re-opened my etsy store if you'd like to check it out!! I'd love to sew something for your little ones!!!!! 

So, my parents came back from their 15 month mission work overseas. They spent most of their time in Hong Kong and really loved what they did. We were able to Skype with them very regularly so it was like they were in the next room. They came to our house when they returned so that we could all spend a week together and drive up to my cousins wedding together. Micah said "I can't believe you're not in the computer anymore" at least 10 times to them when they got back! So cute! 

We went to my cousins wedding in Illinois and had a GREAT time. I love seeing all my family again, they're so much fun. After the wedding (and since Greg wasn't able to go along) my parents and I drove up to Wisconsin where they will be staying for a couple of months (it's where they lived before they sold their house and moved overseas). We enjoyed a week of hanging out with friends...got my hair chopped, Micah got a black eye, and we just truly enjoyed visiting and reconnecting with loved ones. The GREAT news is...my parents will be settling here in our town in Tennessee in September (just in time for the baby!!). I couldn't be more excited to have them close by. The kids are going to love being able to see grammy and papa and I'm going to love a little extra help. I will  especially in church on Sundays, remember my husband is the Pastor so I fly solo in the pew on Sunday and it is NOT easy! Anyone got any pointers or tips for keeping the kids still and somewhat quiet?! Probably tried em all but would LOVE to hear what you do for your kids. I'm ready in invent a church pew with 5 point harness seat-belts for the kids!!!

Okay, I'll stop rambling...it's just that I feel like I've been gone for like a month...or more! By the way I'm LOVING what y'all are linking up on Create and Share Wednesdays!! Keep em coming! I'm going to need lots of inspiration for getting this awesome home cutified! (is that a word?) Without further adu, here are a few photos from the last month!

Here's the kids on Easter...in typical crazy kid fashion!
A shot of the front of our house!
Backyard dinner with my parents!!
 My parents brought back these cute shirts/dresses for the kids from Disneyland in Hong Kong
Here are my cute parents with my cute kids and their cute Hong Kong shirts! Cute overload!!
A sneak peek at what I sewed for the kids to wear to my cousins wedding!
 Before the big chop!
 During...enough to donate? I think so!
 And I forgot to get a good "after" shot but this is me and my best friend Katie who cut my hair!!
Can't wait to hear what y'all have been up to. I hope to be back more regularly now! Let me know if you've got any questions or crafts you'd like to see me tackle! I'm always up for a good challenge!!

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