Sunday, May 27, 2012

Garlic Potato Salad

I made the best potato salad last week and again this weekend. It's pretty traditional but I added a few things to make it my own and it turned out so, so good.
...What you will need...
1 bag of red potatoes
8 hard boiled eggs
4 medium dill pickles (diced)
2 small cans of diced olives with jalapeno peppers
1/4 cup minced and roasted garlic
Garlic salt
Mayo and Mustard

TIP...So to make things easy I bought egglands best already boiled eggs and steamer zip loc bags. It made making this salad a breeze.

Start by adding your minced garlic into a pan on the stove with some butter. Keep it on low and slow roast it while you cut the potatoes. I cut my potatoes in to 1/4's. Then I placed them into a zip loc steamer bag with some butter and garlic salt. You will fill up three medium steamer bags. Cook each bag for 8 minutes. By the time all the potatoes are done cooking, your minced garlic is ready. Add all the potatoes and minced garlic into a large bowl.
Using a fork and knife, dice up the potatoes and mix in the garlic.
Next add in your diced pickles, eggs and olives with jalapenos. If you are worried about the jalapenos being too hot, don't, they are not at all. It does however add a nice little bite to the salad. Mmmmm! Mix all ingredients together.
Lastly, add in mayo and mustard. I used  2 cups of mayo and 3 tbsp of mustard. Mix in and your done. You can add more garlic salt and pepper too if you like. I did. I like garlic. ;D
You made just enough to share at a party or put away in the fridge for a daily nibbling. LOL Enjoy! I am eating some left overs right now as I write this. YUM!

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