Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fools Day Fun

Hope you all had a fun April Fools Day! We did. Not too many jokes here, just a fun filled day. The kids did have a silly breakfast this morning. My mom gave me some not so real bacon and eggs for their breakfast. Too funny. Below I will share more of my moms goodies and the links to how she made them. ;)

Here is a cute pic of the kids. I sent this out to some family and friends today. You might have seen it on my Facebook page too!
Here are some photos and links to some of my moms other April Fools day Food Fun! Please stop by and leave a comment letting her know I sent you! ;)

Caramel and Tootsie Rolls for the bacon and chocolate for the eggs.
Toasted Pound Cake with Orange Frosting
Mini Scones, frosted and coated with Special K cereal
Chocolate and Vanilla Pudding with Sugar Babies
Meatloaf with Mashed Potatoes as the frosting. Decorate with peas, corn, sprinkle with parmesan cheese and add a grape tomato on top! So cute!

Aren't those some cool April Fools Day Foods?!? I think so! Keeping them all in mind for next year. The bacon and eggs was fun, but top of my list is the meatloaf cake for dinner. ;)

Don't forget to stop by, follow and comment over at my moms blog, Pine Creek Style. She will be so happy you stopped by!

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  1. Wow awesome and totally cute! Definitely saving these ideas for next year!


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