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Pinterest Party - Cake Batter Buddies

It's time for another Pinterest Challenge Party?

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Cake Batter Buddies
I found this cake batter buddy recipe that I knew our family would love. They already love the muddy buddies that I make. ;) Check out the recipe and a larger pic of my buddies too below the link party!
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...Cake Batter Buddies...

Remember I got my {PIN}spiration HERE.
My ingredients are a little different.
...What you will need...
5 cups of rice chex cereal
12 oz. bag of white chocolate chips
1 tsp. vegetable shortening
1 1/2 cups of funfetti cake mix or (any cake mix, add sprinkles)
1/2 cup of powdered sugar

How to make this yummy treat....measure out your rice chex cereal and set aside. 

Melt chocolate in a microwave safe dish. 30 sec at a time so you don't scorch the chocolate. Stir between each 30 sec until smooth and thin. You can add 1 tsp. of vegetable shortening to thin your chocolate. This is optional. I did use it and loved how it thinned the chocolate. It helped by keeping the chocolate from clumping up. Which can often happen when using chocolate chips.

While the chocolate is melting....in a separate bowl, mix cake batter and powdered sugar. Set aside.

Once the chocolate is melted you can now pour it over your rice chex cereal. Gently stir to coat all of the cereal.

Now just gently mix in the cake batter and powdered sugar mixture. It will cover all the chocolate covered cereal making a yummy sugary coating.

That's it. Very simple and can be made in a matter of minutes. I must advise that this is very addicted and you will want to make a double, if not triple batch. Ours was gone almost instantly. My hubby sat down last night and wanted some, but it was already all gone. :( He grumbled, "Did you give it all away?" :Nope, we ate it all." I said. "Already?!?" He said. He was very shocked. And I loved that he was telling people how good it was at our sons baseball practice. I was handing out the recipe. ;)

I hope you enjoy this as much as we did. We have a new favorite recipe to add to our long list of goodies. LOL
I originally made this for my kids as a surprise when they got home from school on Tuesday. I was leaving town for the night for a school function and was sad to go. So I wanted them to have a treat (surprise) from mommy when they got home. So I made these and another treat, recipe to come soon, and left them a note.
I let them know how much I was going to miss them, to do their homework, be good for Daddy, be helpful and to say their prayers. Also, said I hoped they enjoyed the treats I made them and that I would see them tomorrow night. But.....
About 2 hours before I left, the principal called. I thought he was letting me know when we were leaving. I was going with him and two of the teachers to a training down in Berkley. Nope, he was calling because my youngest had fallen off the monkey bars at school. :( And that she needed mommy to come look at her arm. Long story short, I did not go to Berkley. I instead helped my little one through her first broken arm. :( We quickly joked that all she had to do was ask me to stay home. She didn't have to go and break her arm to get me to stay. LOL She looked at us funny!
Below she is happily showing off her PINK cast! She was so brave and tough. Hardly complained at all. And not that I am glad she broke her arm or anything, but it was a blessing in disguise. They found a cyst on her bone near her elbow. The doctor said it is very common and that it should eventually go away but we will need to x-ray up to two times a year to keep an eye on it (making sure it doesn't grow or affect the use of her arm) until she is 16. WOW! Never would have known. 
Please keep her in your prayers, that this cyst does not give her any trouble. Thank you!
Sorry for the grainy pic. We were having fun playing with the "Half Tone" app on my iPhone. LOL If you have an iPhone you will want this app. It is so fun!

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