Friday, March 30, 2012

Pinterest Challenge - Bunny Shirts

I have been having a Pinterest Party every week hoping that people will link up their Pinterest Projects. Well we have been getting more non related links than related. So I decided just to share my Pinterest Bucket list projects. If you like you can link yours in the comments section.

Feel free to still use the Button. It's still fun to share that you took the challenge. ;D

Trendy Treehouse
Today I am sharing a project for Easter. I found THIS on Pinterest. Check it out. It is so cute. It's an adorable bunny applique for Easter with a fluffy tail.

I made this one for a friends daughter. Its on a onesie. Also made a braided headband and clippie to match.
I made some for my girls too but haven't quite finished them yet. I will add them to the post as soon as I finish them. ;D

All I did was use a no sew bond. I like the hold better. Then embroidered around the edge. The tail is a pre-made pin I found in the jewelry department a while back. I knew it would come in handy some day. Turned out cute! I can't wait to see her wear it.


  1. Bummer that people didn't follow the rules...I love pinterest link parties!

  2. Im so sad. Keep doing this because it is really keeping me motivated to "do" not just "pin". Come take a peek at what Ive gotten done this week! Im pretty excited to be checking things off my list. I love the bunny shirt and think I need to add it to my "things to make" You know, for in my spare time!!! Ha ha!

  3. What a bummer! :( I have to say most of my ideas are off pinterest so it wasn't too big of a challenge! This week I did Bird's nest cookies!



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