Tuesday, January 31, 2012

T-Shirt Scarf - Part 2

I'm back with another T-Shirt Scarf. 
Remember last week I promised a no-sew scarf. Well, I'm sharing it today! Stop by HERE to see last weeks!
Let's get right into it cuz I'm a little late posting. ;-)
Start off with a cute T-shirt. This is a smaller one of mine that I am making for my daughters. They have been wearing the others I made and asked for more colors. Too cute. But I usually use either a mens shirt or xxl for an adult scarf. You can pick them up at a thrift store to save on cost. Or if you're like me, save all your t-shirst and grab some that family and friends are throwing out!
I used another polka dot shirt. ;-D
Trim off the bottom and cut from arm pit to arm pit. Set aside the top of the shirt for later.
Fun part! Start cutting strips. Mine are just under 1" each. DO NOT cut completely off. Stop just short of the other side. Remember this is a NO SEW! Continue all the way across.
Close up of where you are NOT cutting.
Now you get to stretch out each strip to get that cute curled effect.
Now carefully separate the loops where you did not cute the shirt.
Before you gather that up, grab the top of the shirt and cut out a rectangle shape. About 2x6 in size. Then trim each end into a point. This is what you are going to use to hold together the gathered end of the scarf.
Now gather up the end that you didn't cut. 
Wrap the cut strip from the top of the shirt around the gathered end a couple of time and tie in a knot.
To get rid of the stringy ends, just tuck them under. And you have a nice finished NO SEW t-shirt scarf.
This is a really quick scarf. I had this one made in a matter of minutes. So if you need a last minute gift for someone, this would be perfect!
 Again, I added a flower. But it is just a clip on one. So you can use this scarf with or without one. Don't forget to double it up for another cute look!
I have more! Come back again next week for Part 3. I will be sharing another NO SEW scarf but with a completely different look! I can't wait to share this one!


  1. Put it on! I want an action shot! :)

  2. Love it Tara! I would have cut all the way through and made a big mess! Cant wait to see next weeks!

  3. OMGOSH...I love this idea!! Really great gift idea for teenagers. Thank you for the great HOW to and I'm so Pinning this one. ^_^

  4. This is such a great idea!

  5. Yay!!!! Can't wait to try....thanks!


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