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Cookie Dough Bites Factory -App Review

Do you have an iPad, iPhone, Use iTunes?

I was asked to review a fun new app called Cookie Dough Bites Factory. It's a FREE app available in iTunes.
I laughed when I got the email because my daughters had just asked me two days before if they could download it. I have it set up to automatically download new apps on my phone. So it popped up on my phone too but I hadn't tried it yet. Once I read my review request, I checked it out more. It is so Fun! I loved it and so did my kids.

In this app you get to make fun candies. 
I started off by picking Factory One. In there you pick the Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix. You head over to the ingredients area.
Mix all the ingredients for your CDB (Cookie Dough Bites). Be careful not to overfill the bins or you will lose your precious batter. LOL 
Next it shows you how much dough you wasted and how much you completed. It loads the dough crates onto a pallet. Fun! 

Then you head over to the candy coating area. This is the exciting part. You get to spray the CDB's with chocolate. But be sure to spray them quickly before they fall through the bin. Very exciting! 
Again, you visit the Pallet room seeing your progress. I didn't waste one CDB. Go ME! 

Now it's time to discard those bad bites on the conveyor belt that don't quite meet standards. ;0) Be quick and remember to place them in the correct place. There are uncoated and rejects. LOL The kids love it and feel like they are little workers.  Oh and they move fast, well not too fast, but its exciting!
One more stop in the pallet dock. I completed 84 successful CDB's. Yeah! I lost a few. :( Can you beat my score? I dare you. HA! HA! I want  to beat my score. I know I can do better. See, its addicting. You and the kiddos will have fun with this! 

Lastly, your progress for the round and given stars. I got 8 out of 10 stars. Not bad for a first time player. Eh?

So, yes there are other factories! 3 to be exact! 

In this FREE version (with ads) you are able to choose from the CDB's and from Cupcake Bites in Factory Two. Mmmm. They are cute sprinkle cupcake bites. It plays the same way as in Factory One, just with different ingredients. It also is a little more advanced. Not much more but I noticed that I spilled a little more of my ingredients in this one. The bins have lids and works with RED lights and GREEN lights. If you go too long, the lid will close and your ingredients will spill on the floor. :( I lost too much the first time and had to start over. But hey! Makes me better at it. A good challenge!

Be sure to check out Headquarters for your progress. It shows you what you wasted and what you completed. As well as how many stars you earned.

There is an Ad FREE version available. Just enter the Warehouse. There you can purchase new flavors, upgraded tools for your stations, and a fun sprinkle pack. Each of them have different prices. But if you are interested in everything, you can get it all too for one price. Since this is a new game, the price is a little higher than normal. From what I understand it is an introductory upgrade price and will eventually be lowered. So keep a look out! 

My thoughts....I think the cost is worth it now too though. If you think about it, apps are the cheapest games out there. My hubby and I chose iPods for our kids over other products for that reason. We thought, "WOW, cheap games that can be downloaded on more than one device or buy one expensive game that can only be used on one device?" Not to mention that if it gets ruined, you have to buy another. So apps are our choice for fun games for the kids. If they delete it, we can always reload it! AWESOME! And there are so many FREE and cheap apps to choose from. That's our thought about that anyway! ;o)

So if you find my review interesting, let me know in comments below. 
Please and thank you!

And please check out all of Cookie Dough Factories links too!
Let them know what you think of their fun new app!

 For more information regarding Cookie Dough Bites® and Cookie Dough Bites® Factory visit: 

Cookie Dough Bites® Factory Hits #1 Game for Kids on iTunes in just 9 Days 
Very impressive!

Want to buy some of these delicious bites? Visit HERE or on the picture below to see where they are available.
Something else I found interesting...They offer a fundraising program. Wouldn't that be great for your school? I am going to look into this more for my kids school. This would be a fun fundraiser and I think very profitable too! To learn more visit HERE or click on the photo below.
Thank you to Cookie Dough Bites Factory and Promoting Group for requesting a review. This was fun.
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  1. Thanks for the nice comments! I did all the art for cookie dough bites. Don't worry, more fun games made for kids with CDB quality coming soon!


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