Thursday, November 10, 2011

Gifts for best friends

Today in the 12 weeks of Christmas gifts is our gifts for our best friends.

I have some amazing women in my life. I am blessed with friends from each chapter, location and time in my life. God has truly made these women not only part of my history but part of my future as well. I want these women to know how much I cherish their unending friendship and how they stick by my side even when I'm not being a good friend. These women tell it to me straight and don't gloss over the icky parts of life. They listen with open ears, open minds and open hearts. I love them and count them among my daily blessings.

Giving these women gifts is almost like trying to buy something for the person who has "everything". I mean how do you sum up your relationship with a gift. I personally believe that these types of relationships deserve homemade gifts and gifts from the heart even more than some of the other people on our list. It's like you're giving them a little part of yourself. Not only are you sharing your talent with them but you're sharing your time with them by making something yourself. Plus, you're able to make it even more personal by adding in things you KNOW they will love that you can't buy at the store.

Rather than show you a bunch of half made projects I'm just going to share my inspiration for my projects and you can then use that inspiration as well or just use it as a jumping off point.

For your crafty friends, how about a cute little craft jar. You can do something small like this or go crazy and use a big applesauce jar. The skies the limit.

I plan on making this for my friend that has 7 children but of course I'll personalize it to look more like them.

Got a best friend that sews? How about a needle book. I've got this in the works for a friend of mine. Hope she likes it. Larissa has lots of great ideas.

How about a monogramed mug and kitchen towels? I plan on making these for some friends, for my husbands secretary and for Naomi's teacher.

For your friend that bakes, how about a personalized cake or cupcake carrier...those of you with the Silhouette or Cricket machines could easily do this yourself, I don't happen to have one...but if you get me one I'm pretty sure you'd be added to my best friend list ;)

Another one for your friend that bakes...just use a stencil on freezer paper or use your vinyl cutting machine.

And how about some homemade vanilla...everyone uses vanilla right?

These magnetic clothes pins would make a great little add on to any gift. If you're like me you can NEVER find enough clips or good magnets to hang things on your fridge, and you can always use it as a chip clip too...I think that's where all our magnetic clips went...

I think that's it for now. I need some more ideas...got any great best friend gifts that you've made? Would love to check them out.


  1. oh man I love all of these ideas!!! great job!

  2. All of the ideas are fabulous but I LOVE the cake carrier! That is a "must do" project for sure ;)

  3. WOW I LOVE the clothes pin people!!! Do u make them and maybe Sell them ( crossing fingers lol). I would LOVE one of these! If so or you know who would please email me at tracerscouponaffair @ yahoo dot com

    Thank u! I am a new follower. I love your page!

  4. The cake carrier is awesome! I'm thinking of doing this for a friend's bridal shower!


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