Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Family Photos

We haven't had a personal post in a while and today I wanted to share with you some photos. My friend Jen took our family photos this year and I am so excited to share them. They are beautiful! I had a lot of fun making up our Christmas cards with these photos too!

Here are just a few of our favorites!
Love Love Love These! Thanks Jen!!!

If you are in my area (NorCal) and want your photos taken by Jen, let me know. Email me at trendytreehouse@me.com I know she would love to help you!

We can't wait to take more pics with Jen in the spring. Already planning on each of us wearing different bright colors. They are going to be cute! And this Friday we are taking more pics. Jen is taking our whole families photos. My family, my parents and my brothers. I can't wait to see how those turn out!

Love the Couch and Frames? Found the couch at an estate sale! The frames were found at thrift shops and spray painted for use in my craft room. They all made great props for our photos!

Please share your thoughts on my family photos in comments! Would love to hear what you think! ;o)


  1. Great pics and love the props! Happy Thanksgiving!!

    Steph W
    Dallas, TX

  2. What amazing photos! Beautiful family!!

  3. Sis, These turn out AMAZING! Can't wait for ours, hope it's NOT raining! Love, Mama

  4. This all are great pics.This is really take a nice family photo which is remember life time.

    frames for photos

  5. Oh my goodness these are FABULOUS! So much fun and very creative.
    We were thinking of doing ours this weekend. I hope they come out as cute as yours!

  6. These are all excellent photos. What a great choice for props too.

  7. Beautiful, beautiful family!

  8. So awesome! I love these photographs-your kids are super cute and are growing up so fast-just in the short time that I've known you. I think my favorite one is where you and hubby are kissing with the blue frame "framing" you, held by the kids . (Hope that description made sense)....
    At any rate-awesome shots and I know you'll treasure those for years to come!
    Happy Thanksgiving, Tara!

  9. I absolutely love the family pics!! The photographer did a awesome job!

    Thank you for sharing!

  10. Wow, I really wish I lived by you! She did a fantastic job, well, it helps that she had cute subjects, too. I love the one with the kids holding the frame on you and your husband, very cute!

  11. Oh my goodness, these photos just turned out beautiful! God has blessed you with such a great family!

    Also, I wanted to let you know that the page for Walking in Faith has changed. It's now at http://faithfulmelissa.blogspot.com so if you get a chance pop on over and make sure to join that site at the new address :)

    I love some of these picture ideas, especially with the frames, and hopefully get a chance to try them out soon! Thanks for sharing! :)

    -Melissa, Walking in Faith


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