Saturday, November 19, 2011

Christmas Shopping

Have you started your Christmas shopping? Have you finished? Have you started your Christmas crafting? Or maybe at least made a list? Well, I think that I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping and I'm about 60% done with my Christmas crafting. I am determinded to make this a handmade Christmas! I always say I'm going to make all my gifts (well, the ones I can anyway) but usually end up too far behind when gift giving time actually comes...not this year! I've got a few more things to purchase but mostly it's just getting things finished up.

Since I'm almost done with my Christmas gifts I thought I'd give you a jump start on yours. I'm going to be listing some things in my etsy store next week. I've got two felt fishing sets. I've got a few felt pizzas, some felt cookies and if I have time some felt breakfast sets. I can do some custom paintings. I've got some scripture photos, some tie shirts and maybe even a few dresses. I hope to get most of these things finished and listed before black Friday...but really my goal is to get things done by cyber Monday.

But in the mean time I'd like you to enter the giveaway for the DVD from Buckalope Elementary. Entries are LOW so please leave a comment and enter to win this great, educational DVD. Then you have one less gift to buy. I will pick three winners tonight...so please CLICK HERE and leave a comment on that post!

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  1. I love your blog! I look forward to reading more of your posts! I am a Dietitian who writes about child nutrition (picky eating, homemade baby food, family recipes, etc.). I am happy I found you!



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