Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tie Necklace Tutorial

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Today's DIY Gift is for Girls

I saw the cutest necklaces and knew I had to make them. It was a pearl necklace with a tie attached to it. 
I thought how fun would it be to get my girls a pearl necklace (costume of course) and make interchangeable ties for them! The pearls would go with just about everything. Then just make a bunch of ties. Neutral ones that would go with anything and specific ones that could be color matched. 

Below is how I made these adorable ties. I think these would make a fun gift for any little girl.

The gift... One pearl necklace. 4 Interchangeable ties.

To start, cut some fabric in the shape of a tie. For this one I used a bandana. You can use all sorts of fabrics. As far as size goes, I made the right size according to my daughter's size. Our finished tie was 12" long.
You will need two pieces for the main part of the tie and one small narrow piece to place around the top of the tie.
Take the two tie pieces and place on top of each other. Right side in. Sew a single straight stitch along the edges leaving the small end open. Fold over the narrow piece of fabric, iron, then sew long end. Turn both pieces inside out. Iron flat.
Next, on the top (small end) of the tie, fold over about 2 inches. Secure in place with needle and thread.
Then fold over your narrow (small extra piece of fabric) over the front. Secure on the back with a needle and thread. This piece really makes it look like a tie. ;0)
This is what it looks like when done. I didn't gather it too much. I liked it just like this. Simple! At the top there is an opening where you can slip through a necklace.
Your'e done. All you need now is a cute necklace (pearl is adorable) and a little girl to wear it! Below is a few pics of the finished tie and other interchangeable ties to go with it.
What do you think? Would you make these for your girls? Or as a gift for someone? I would and am. I am making a bunch of these up for gifts this year. I have 7 girls to make for. I will be busy!

Below...my daughter at Grandparents day at her school. The tie necklace is just adorable. This is the one we bought. I used it as my example for the ones I made. ;0)
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