Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Maukilo Game Review - Animal Upon Animal Balancing Bridge

Maukilo is the leading supplier of quality, timeless toys and gifts. We provide innovative, safe and eco-friendly playthings for all ages. From infant toys to kids toys, they're fun, educational and last a lifetime.

Inspired by European toys and owned and operated by the German based HABA, we're your best source for baby toys, building blocks (from our wooden toys collection), educational
toddler toys and everything in between. With Maukilo you Buy Once, Play Forever.

I was excited to find out the my kids were going to get the "Animal Upon Animal Balancing Bridge" game to review. When we first got it in the mail, they had to play right then. They ran in the house, opened it up and started playing. My kids love challenges, animals and building things. This game has all that and more! A perfect game for hours of family enjoyment. Each game come with... a deck of assignment cards, one wooden die, 26 very colorful animals and a 3D playing board bridge. The animals include... some flamingos, giraffes, panthers, one very strong crocodile, bats, and some iguanas. I loved watching the kids play this exciting balancing game. To play they follow the cards and take turns balancing animals across the bridge. You have to take careful turns when stacking these playful animals or they will tumble down. So FUN! I love how it teaches the kids patience and teamwork. This game is perfect for bringing them together. The winning goal is to complete your assignment first. For example, stacking your animals just like on your assignment card. My kids also like to play together and see if they can get all the animals on the bridge in the perfect balancing act. And there have been so many giggles along the way! I am one mommy that loves those giggles. So Thank You Maukilo for sending us such a fun game!

More info about this exciting game.... HABA Animal Upon Animal Balancing Bridge-Flamingo, giraffe, panther, bat and iguana start the adventure of their life and together set of on a big journey. But there is only a wobbly hanging bridge leading over the four valleys. Fortunately the strong crocodile helps. Each player gets three secret stacking assignments. Your task is to pile the animals shown on your assignment cards on the hanging bridge. Whoever proves to be the most skillful will accomplish the assignments first and win the game. A stacking game with animals. German packaging with English instructions. Products are made from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources. Non toxic water based stain. Ages 5-99. 2-4 players.

Maukilo has a huge variety of toys for all ages. 
Here are a few favorites of ours...

Doll Annie... Annie will quickly gain a place in the hearts of little doll parents. Annie has a sweet and comforting face with pretty blue eyes. Her pretty blue dress matches her eyes and her green tights and with red striped socks and little red booties add a nice pop of color! Annie's soft body is perfect for cuddling! Includes a hair band with ribbon. The 12 inch HABA dress sets will fit this doll. Material: padded body, chenille hair, cotton/polyester and velour dresses. She is handwashable (do not spin dry!). Info taken from Maukilo
Road Maker... The Chalk City Road Maker holds 2 pieces of sidewalk chalk and allows kids to easily create cities, raceways, and obstacle courses right in their own driveway. Info taken from Maukilo ***This looks so fun and I know my kids would love using it in our yard. They already love drawing road lines, this would make it so easy and fun. I like to that Maukilo has road stencils to go along with the road maker. You can get road sign stencils and the obstacle course stencils too. I think we are going to keep all three of these in mind for Christmas!
Shake Rattle and Drum... Strike up the band with this handcrafted set including a wood bucket drum with natural rawhide drum head, packed with child-size wood drum sticks and a collection of brightly painted wood instruments: 1 tambourine stick, 1 handled castanet, 2 mini-maracas. Sounds Like Fun music makers are a unique collection of exploratory instruments designed to introduce young children to the benefits and joys of music making. Each product includes a parent-friendly, collectible activity guide highlighting each instruments unique educational benefits. Info taken from Maukilo

These are just 3 of our top favorites. You can visit Maukilo to view all of their amazing products. You are sure to find many that you will love! I encourage you to go now and start shopping. They have something for everyone on your list! Great place to shop for GIFTS too!

You can also visit and follow Maukilo on their FACEBOOK and TWITTER pages. 
Make sure you tell them Trendy Treehouse sent you!

We really enjoyed the opportunity we had to review the "Animal Upon Animal Balancing Bridge". Thank you Maukilo.
The featured product {s} in this post were provided to me free of charge by the manufacturer or pr company representing the company. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and not influenced in any way by anyone. Trendy Treehouse Disclaimer/Terms of use.

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