Thursday, June 2, 2011

Last Day of School & Summer Activities

Well....Today was the last day of school. My kids are so excited for the summer. Here is a pic of them this morning right before all the last day of school parties and fun!
Yesterday...My youngest graduated from Kindergarten. They had a play and then the ceremony. It was so cute! I curled her hair and she picked out a tutu. She was so beautiful. We are so proud of her.
When the kids got home from school, I had a bunch of activities for this summer laid out on the bar. They were so excited. The looks on their faces when they walked in was priceless. After I took a quick pic of them, they tore into the pile. Looking for all the treasures. ;-)
What I did was start collecting activities for the kids over the past couple of months. I also found some things that we had bought to do and just hadn't gotten around to it yet and piled them altogether. Making a bunch of fun activities for a Summer of Fun!!!

Here's the list of goodies....
Sticker Books/Binders (1 for each child)
Gomu Erasers (they love collecting them)
Bright Sidewalk Chalk (2 large packs)
Chalk Writers (2)
Latch Hook kits for each child, including hooks
Colored Bubbles (4)
Doodle Books (Boys and Girls Books)
Coloring Books
Sand Art Supplies
Pancake Puff Maker (YUM, this will be fun)
Plastic Wiggly Worm and Lizards
Capsters Book
Pass the Pig Game
Design a Button packs
Pencils (a lot, they love em)
Window Crayons
Glossy Bands Book
Cloud Clay (In all colors)
Bible Stories with Books and DVD's
Scrapbook Paper for Crafting
Personalized Name Plaques for them to paint
Handprint Molding Kit (for garden stones)

What a list, HUH? They can't wait to get started. And I can't wait to share some of the activities with you!

Have a fun Summer!!!

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