Monday, May 9, 2011

Shutter Love Tuesdays | Mother's Day

We have been loving hosting {Shutter} Love every week and wanted to thank you all for participating each week. You have all made it so fun. We enjoy looking at each of your photos every week.
This weeks theme is | MOTHER'S DAY |
To see all the rules for this fun party, please go HERE.

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There is no longer a viewers favorite. We didn't have much voting and multiple winners because of it. So from now on, we will only be sharing the top 10 and and more of our favorites. Thanks for understanding!

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Tara's | Mother's Day | Photo
We had an eventful Mother's Day. Today was quite crazy too. I got many goodies from my kiddos and wanted to share the photo of my goodies for this weeks Shutter Love theme. I took this wilth my Cell, so its not the best quality, but I love sharing their handmade gifts anytime!
Share in comments what you got from your families and kiddos for mothers day!
Jamie's | Mother's Day | Photo
My husband brought me these cupcakes and said "because flowers die so soon"...he knows me too well. I love the idea of flowers but they do die pretty quick...and I am a sucker for cupcakes so this was a perfect compromise! These are the three best reasons for being a mom!

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