Monday, May 23, 2011

Chalk Art

This is a fun, quick and easy project for any afternoon. 

What you will need...
Black Construction Paper
Chalk ( a mix of colors )
Stencils or Your Imagination
Laminator ( optional )
For this tutorial I will show you the Stencils look! 
First, have the kids pick out their favorite stencils. I love using stencils and buy them all the time. They are great to keep on hand for many projects. Once you have your favorites, start tracing them on the black construction paper with your chalk. Use a lot of colors for a bright and colorful art piece.
Just keep adding and adding to get the look you are going for! When you are completely done with all your drawing, with your finger, rub the chalk to fill in the blank spaces. It also gives it a more finished look. Lastly, finish it off by lightly spraying with hairspray. You can even laminate your art to help preserve it. Personally, I like to laminate them!
Here is the finished look! I helped write out the word LOVE and then let the kids go to work.
Another close up of the finished look.
There is so much you can do with Chalk and we love how this turned out.

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