Sunday, April 3, 2011

Shutter Love Winners | HANDS

Shutter Love Photo Winners | HANDS | - WOW! Was it hard to pick winners this week! So many great photos. Hands can be shown in so many different ways. Below are a lot of examples. Thank you so much for sharing them and sorry for the delay in getting the winners up. I hate when the internet is down here. I just never know what to do. LOL Enjoy the winners and favorites too!!!

Our Top 10 Photo Winners

#1 goes to | My Life, My World, My Blessings
#2 | DRW Photos
#3 | Hands of Art
#4 | Puzzled Hands
#5 | Now I know what life is all about
#6 | Stoneyville
#7 | Hands in the Sand

#8 | Praying hands
#9 | {My} Life Stories
#10 | Little {miss} Sunshine
Viewers Favorite | If these hands could talk
More of our favorites | In No Particular Order

Thank you to everyone who entered last weeks theme | HANDS |
If you see your photo above, please visit our BUTTONS page to grab one.

Get your photos ready for this weeks theme | SELF PORTRAIT | and remember to share so others can join in with their photos.

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