Sunday, February 6, 2011

Shutter Love Winners | SHADOWS

I love | SHADOWS | And I was so excited to see your entries I got some great ideas on some new shadow shots. YEAH! I love all the objects and ideas that came from this theme and can't wait to share the winners.

Sorry for the delay in posting. It was a long, scary weekend. Glad to be home again. I missed posting. ;-)

The top 10 Winners for this theme are ....

#1 goes to | Our Family of Four

#2 | The Moments in Between

#3 | Chic Homeschool Mama

#4 | Nathalie Nayer

#5 | B Lee Photos

#6 | Adventures in Creating

#7 | Erika B

#8 | Twisted Fate Photography

#9 | Jae Bird Photography

#10 | Dina @4 Lettre Words

Viewers Favorite | Erika B

More of Tara & Jamie's Favorites | In No Particular Order

Thank you to everyone who entered into this past weeks "SHADOWS" theme. 

If you see your photo above, please stop by our BUTTONS page to pick up your winners button.


Get your photos ready for the next theme | EYELASHES |
Share with everyone, so they can link up their photos too!


  1. Thank you, Ladies! Such a fun group of photos.

  2. Thank you! You have a wonderful set of shadows here

  3. Thanks again for another great week!

  4. What great pictures! Just wanted to tell you I gave you the stylish blogger award...if you want to participate, copy/paste the award into your blog and have some fun. No biggie if not though, it's all for fun!

    L @ The Treasurista


  5. WOW ladies I am truly honored that you choose my shadow image, has to be one of my favorite shots :) not to mention who doesn't love shooting shadows, it's so much fun! Thanks again Tara & Jamie, have a great rest of the week ladies!!!!

  6. MAN- I totally missed this post until today. SOOOOOOOOO Excited to be #3. That is a high for me as I am such a beginner & I am just having so much fun participating each week! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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