Saturday, January 15, 2011

To the Theatre

Last night Greg, and I went to the Majestic Theatre here in San Antonio.
It was my Christmas present.
We went to see Cirque de la Symphonie.
It was a combination of the San Antonio Symphony
with some of the acts from the cirque.
The theatre is so beautiful and we really enjoyed the performances
It made me realize how much I miss listening to live music,
and seeing a live performance.It got us thinking about all the shows we've gone to see at the theatre.
When we lived in Milwaukee, before we were married,
we saw Phantom of the Opera and The King and I at the Milwaukee Theatre.
When we lived in St. Louis we went to the Fox Theatre to see
The Lion King for our first wedding anniversary.
We went all out for that one and had dinner before the show at the theatre
and we had box seats...that was such an amazing show.
You really should go see it if you have the chance.

Last year I went with some of my girl friends to see Wicked
here at the Majestic Theatre, and that was also a very good show.

When I was young I really wanted to be an actress,
but I'm sure most little girls go through that stage.
I was a part of most of the plays my highschool had to offer,
and even did a few productions in college.
I really love to go to the Theatre and see a live performance,
it's WAY better than a movie to me.
Yes, movies have their place, but in my opinion live theatre is so much better.

So, I'm curious what shows you have seen live and
what you would recommend that I make sure I get to.
I've seen lots more live shows but not professionally done.
Lots of high school and college performances.
One of my favorite college performances was when my brother was
a lead part of the production of Blood Brothers.
It is a very moving production and worth your time to go see...
even in a college atmosphere. (and the college productions are
a lot cheaper but sometimes just as good, on a smaller scale).

And at what age have you taken children to the theatre?
My mom and sister and I took Naomi to see Cinderella
at the Fireside in Milwaukee last May and she did great sitting through it.
But the stage was right in front of her so I'm sure that made a difference.
If she was sitting in the balcony she may not pay attention as well.
Just curious if any of you have experience with taking kids.
I can't wait till we can go to the theatre as a family!

Have a great weekend!


  1. My hubby and I love live theater as well and have season tix to Broadway Across America at the Majestic. Howdy neighbor! :o) Anyway, this year Jersey Boys came and we both LOVED it and were amazed by the talent. Wicked is one of my faves and both of us still have soft spot for Rent and Phantom. We took the girls to see Beauty and the Beast and that was a wonderful family experience...very well done. I could go on, but I'll stop.

  2. I have to say, I don't see many shows. I think the only professional show was Phantom of the Opera. I love going, it just gets expensive and then I talk myself out of it! That's a beautiful theater though!

  3. When my son was 4, I took him to see the Nutcracker at the Fox Theater in Atlanta, along with my then 9yr old daughter. He did fine through the first half of the show then at intermission he was ready to go! He made such a scene we had to watch the second half of the performance from the lobby!!! It was so embarrassing! I was that mother that everyone stared at because she couldn't get her child to behave. He's now 9 and much hasn't changed!!! : )

  4. When my kids were little we had no money to take them to the theater.. So I had them do plays with music . we invited grandparents , aunts and uncles.. It was a lot of fun..~!
    We did the story about the three pigs....I think the best one they did was the story about the Billy Goat Gruffs and the trolls that lived under the bridge..
    Have a great day~! ta ta for now from Iowa annieptigger@aol.com

  5. Hey! I know that theater! We've been there a few times! Actually saw Wicked there last year too! I love that place - it's so ornate and beautiful! I bet that show was amazing!

    So fun to learn about other bloggers who are close by! Heard West Side Story was coming there soon! I def want to take my oldest (13) to see that one. It's one of my faves!

    Happy Sunday!

  6. We take our kids to see the nutcracker every year. I would love to be able to take them year round. This sounds amazing to me

  7. I haven't took ma son to the theater since he was one to see the nutcracker! I so miss those theater times...its nice to get out and go to a theater..vs just a movie. Somehting different! *smile*
    Stay Blessed..


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