Monday, January 10, 2011

New Craft/Sewing Room

If you have been following on facebook, you know that I am getting a new craft/sewing room! I have shared a few photos over there too! 

You can see them all there, but here is a couple.... ;-)

 The photo above is the outside. Obviously. ;-) But wanted to show you the whole left side, all in plywood is my area. Hubby gets the rest. LOL I am so excited. Below is how it looked a couple days ago. 800 sq. ft. of lovely space for me to create! As of today, hubby has put in bathroom plumbing, finished up some sheetrock and insulation. I cleaned up and swept. Tomorrow we have some guys coming to finish up the sheetrock on the ceiling (hubby has to go construct jobs that make money, lol) so the texture guy can come in and finish next weekend. Well it takes 4 steps. So it will be finished next week sometime.

Next step is paint! I have a lil poll over in the top right sidebar. So please take a moment to vote! I have some ideas and got a few suggestions from friends and facebook fans. So thought I would get your help in deciding a final choice.

We will be putting in wood floors too. Then its time to get decorating and creating. Below are a few photos I found on the web as craft room inspiration.

I love all the red in this room. The table is amazing because it also has storage. Very cool!

I love the peach walls in this room and the way the fabric is neatly stacked is exactly what I can't wait to do. There are so many beautiful fabrics to display.

I thought this was a unique way to display and organize your stamps. I am definitely doing this!

I Love Love Love the lil shoes on the wall in this room. So cute! I have all of my moms baby dresses, coat and shoes. I am going to hang them in my room. Can't wait!

I have a lot of buttons. Kind of a collector of them. They have so many uses. Thought this was a cute way to display them. Look how they glued one of the buttons on top of the lid. Adorable and helps you see what is in that jar.

This photo is inspiring to me. I love that the artwork is displayed on the wall and that the books are stacked up there on the left. What a cute display.

This is something I thought would be cute to do for the kids. Set up an art center. So that way they can come in and be creative too! Because this space is not only for me, it's for them too!!!

Here is another great example of how I want my fabrics to look. I have my great-grandmothers hoosier and I think it will look great with a set up like this.

Those are just a few of my inspiring workspaces that I wanted to share!

Just writing this post makes me want to hurry up and get my room ready. I can't wait to get my stuff organized in there. Right now I have to use my kitchen table or lap. LOL And it would be nice not to have to clear it all away when it's time for dinner or homework. I can't wait to leave my project on the project table and come back to it the next day. Set up and clean up will be so much easier.

If you have any great workspaces that you would like to share, please link them up to our FLICKR GROUP. Or email them to trendytreehouse@me.com We would love to see them!

Don't forget to vote on a room color in the poll. Top right sidebar.

Check out these Great Links....

Melissa from The Little Green Bean sent me a great post on her Craft Room. LOVE IT! You have to go check it out. And you have to see how wonderful her fabric storage is. I am so doing this! Go see it HERE.


  1. What an amazing space you're going to have! I love all of your inspiration photos. Can't wait to see how your space comes together!

  2. Ohhh I'm jealous!! How fun!

  3. so, so, so absolutely, completely JEALOUS!!!
    I didn't do your poll to the right because it didn't have the colour I wanted - WHITE. I love stark white rooms with punches of colour in the decor, just like the first pic you posted with the red accents (I love turquoise and red accents, btw!).
    Good luck decorating!

  4. What fun you will have doing it all up...not to mention crafting away in there. Love the wood beams and adore the inspiration photos...so colorful and fun!

    Can't wait to see the finished project.

  5. Awesome! I'd love one of those!!

  6. You are one lucky lady! SO jealous! That's going to be fun to decorate and use.

  7. How AWESOME! I hope to someday have a 'craft' room of my own, don't think it'll be 800 sq ft but a room is all im askin for! LOL & all your photos of ideas are LOVELY!

  8. I dream of the day that I will have a for-Real craft room. What I have now is a guest/craft/work/storage room - not what I have envisioned! Congrats on such an awesome space - can't wait to see the fun decor reveal! -diane

  9. your craft room is going to be awesome!!!!

  10. I love the red sewing room! I'm planning to create one for my dollhouse. :D
    Thank you so much for sharing these ideas!


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