Monday, December 13, 2010

Personal Post

This last week my kids had their Christmas Program at school. Every year is so cute and this year was fun. They dressed up in flannel shirts and boots for a cowboy Christmas. Well my flannel shirts I chose aren't exactly cowboy. LOL But they were cute and I took advantage and snapped a quick shot of the kids. I love it so much because of all the colors. They are matching, but their not. 

So I thought I would write a little personal post today so I could share a couple of the pics. I didn't have the correct lighting set up, so these are what you would call candid shots that I cropped and enhanced a bit. But I am for sure saving these shirts for a future photo shoot. I love them so much.

Here is a quick group shot. My kids are so good at posing nice for me so it doesn't take hours to get the best shot. LOL Thank you kiddos. Love you for that!

Don't you just love all those colors? LOL And of course I had to make matching flowers for their hair. I used the method of removable clips on headbands like in the tutorial I did a while back. You can see it HERE. I really like it because I can change them easily with other outfits.

Here are some pics of the kids.

It was very exciting for us this year as Cordell was now old enough to be in Beginners Band. He played the Sax in the Christmas Program and was really GREAT! His teacher even came over to tell us that he knew his songs so quickly and was very proud of him. Here is a picture of him and his teacher.

And my girls standing in line with their friends, waiting to see Santa Claus. Every year Santa makes an appearance after the show. The kids of course love this!

It was a very fun night and we look forward to it every year. Hope you enjoyed out photos.


  1. Hi, Tara! Your little Christmas cowpokes are so adorable! They look so cute and so happy. What a beautiful family you have!

  2. Great kids for posing for ya!


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