Saturday, September 25, 2010

♥ Shutter Love Winners ♥

We had a fun theme this week "CAKES"
All your entries were so cute. Thanks for making this week great!

Our #1 pick goes to....
Mommy's Cake
Doesn't that just look delish! I could take a bite right now!

#2 - Pieces of Me

#3 - Beach Cake

#4 - Sunflower Cake

#5 - 525,600 Minutes

#6 - Bethany Sherrard Photography

#7 - Modeling Chocolate Monster Cake

#8 - The Great Umbrella Heist

#9 - My Take on Photography

#10 - Piggy Cupcakes

We had another tie this week for Viewer Choice and had to do a random draw.
The winner is...
The Paper Mama~Congrats!

Some of Tara & Jamie's Favorites that didn't make this weeks top 10 are...

Thanks to everyone who entered in our fun "CAKES" week.
Don't forget to go grab your award buttons if you see your photo above.

Make sure you get your photos ready for next weeks "BLUE" theme.
Remember to share this {Party} with friends so more can join in.
If you are a winner, go pick up your 
{Prize Button}


  1. Woohoo! Thanks for picking my Beach Cake!

  2. Wow! Thank you for choosing my cake as the winner. Might go bake another one to celebrate!

  3. So excited my piggy cupcakes won #10!! thanks


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