Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fun with cardboard

Summer is coming to an end oh so quickly,
although for me, it's always summer...
no kids in school yet,
hubby works year round,
and I'm always hot! ha!

So, make sure you squeeze summer
to the last precious drop.
Enjoy every last moment,
cross things off your list.
And if your list is complete
or if you just need new ideas...
I've got some fun you can have
with an ordinary box!

I'm sure some of these things won't be anything new for most of you.
Maybe you've got your own cardboard creation at home
(I'd love to see it).
I love to make things out of cardboard
and just wish I had more BIG boxes lying around.
So, without further ado, here's some fun with cardboard...

My friend Anna and her husband built a pirate ship for their kiddos.

Katherine Marie always has great fun with cardboard.
You've gotta check out her ice cream truck,
the kiddie laundry mat,
her amazing candy land birthday party.
Seriously just take a couple of hours and go look through Katherine's
website, I promise you will leave inspired and with a huge "must-do" list!

Valerie makes lots of amazing frugal things,
I love this castle she made from cardboard
and apparently so did her girls!

I have made a few fun things with cardboard too,
there's the cardboard house,

the cardboard car,
and most recently a cardboard Barbie house,

and a cardboard aquarium.

I got the fish and the idea from Made By Joel.
My sister-in-law found this site and let me tell you,
Don't go there if you don't have a
few hours to waste get inspired.
No really, just go there, if you have time or not.
It's totally worth it!


  1. Ya gotta make one of these. You get a shoe box and place a ziplock sandwhich baggie on top of it. Use hand towels and wash cloths to make the bedding and you have a barbie waterbed. I loved making those when I was little. I have a boy....no barbie waterbeds at my house!

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  4. so many creative cardboard creations! some of my favorite toys growing up were houses we made out of boxes.

  5. my kids would have a blast with those box creations!! Now to find some boxes!

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  10. Just stopping by from pinkapotamus.blogspot.com.. Love the cardboard for kids.. Last summer we got a new refrigerator and spent days turning it into a castle. The kids painted it and added a door and two windows complete with curtains. It was sooo much fun! I am your newest follower.. stop by and say "HI"!

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