Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cheese Nip Chicken

I've been actually cooking dinner this past week.
I feel like I haven't made a "REAL" meal in months.
I do a lot of those boxed Complete Meals and frozen bag dinners,
which are yummy but not a "real" meal...
I guess I'll blame it on the baby bump.

Watching Food Network with Naomi makes me want to be able to cook.
And not only be ABLE to, but to actually do it.
(we watch it so often that now when she plays "kitchen"
like most kids,
she calls it playing "Food Network")

But seriously, who has those ingredients on hand?
Where's the cooking show...FROM THE PANTRY.
Where they only cook meals with things that typical, everyday,
American families would have in their pantry.

Anyway, if I were on that show,
I'd make Cheese Nip or Cheez-It chicken.
Super easy, super yummy and you probably already have everything
in your pantry that you need to make it.

What you need:
A pan
An oven
Boneless skinless chicken
Sour Cream
Cheese crackers of some sort
So here is this easy yummy recipe!

4-6 boneless skinless chicken breasts
1-2 cups crushed cheese nips (or cheez-its, or whatever)
1 cup sour cream
1/2 cup butter
Coat chicken with sour cream. Cover in crushed crackers. Melt butter and place in the bottom of a 9x13 pan. Place coated chicken on top and place in 350 oven for 40-45 minutes. When chicken is tender and juices run clear it is finished.
I used white cheddar cheez-its and it tasted awesome. You could use goldfish crackers or sour cream and onion potato chips...the possibilities are endless. The sour cream keeps the chicken moist and the flavor wasn't too powerful or anything. I didn't use a whole cup of sour cream but you may if you make more than 4 chicken breasts. I didn't measure my crackers but just added more once I ran out.


  1. brilliant! I was thinking of doing some vlogs of my cooking..i cook from the pantry...would that be something you'd love? i'm lookin for new blogging ideas! lol.

  2. Thanks for sharing this!! I was loosing my mojo when it comes to cooking dinners, so this just may spark it back up! :o)

  3. My kids like to play Iron Chef. It's hilarious!

    I agree, I usually like to cook with fairly simple ingredients. Although, when you find yourself cooking a lot, simple takes on a new form. There was a time when 5 out of the 7 nights we'd be eating out or out of a box and I wouldn't have different kinds of vinegars, sauces, ginger and a whole bunch of spices. Now that I am cooking more, I find that those are more "staples" around the house. Who would have thought!! I try to focus my blog on fairly simple everyday recipes. Often I have to run around looking for an oddball thing but I usually try to steer clear of that. I want my recipes to be family friendly.

    I think we should starts a FROM THE PANTRY blog hop or something. Focusing on simple meals with basic ingredients. Thanks!

  4. Love that title "From the Pantry"... I think you might be onto something! I love simple meals that don't require a lot of time or ingredients. I would definitely be interested in more recipes like that! =)

  5. This sounds amazing. I think would like to try it with a lite creamy salad dressing too.


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