Saturday, May 8, 2010

Newspaper Flowers Tutorial

These would be great for a variety of things...
Mother's Day, Teachers Appreciation, Decor....
What you will need...
  • Newspaper
  • Circle Template ( about the size of a small cereal bowl )
  • Spray Paint ( I used 3 colors in this tutorial )
  • Card Board Box
  • Pipe Cleaners in various colors
  • Net Fabric ( I used white and cut them to a little larger than the newspaper circles )
  • Sharpie
  • Scissors

How to make them...

Start by taking your circle template and stack of newspapers. ( not too thick, you want to be able to easily cut the paper ) Trace around your template right over the newspaper. Make as many as you like. It depends on the project and how many flowers you want to make. This bouquet took about 4 of each color.

Cut out your circles ~ have your kids help too. These would be fun to give as gifts. Just make sure if they are young to use safe kid scissors. (gotta be safe)

Now you are going to want to take one circle at a time and pinch from underneath in the middle of your circle. Form a cute flower. I find that looking away while doing this makes a nice flower. If you stare at it while making it, you will try to make it too perfect. The OCD might come out! Hee!

This is what it will look like on the bottom of the flower. Just pinch tightly together. Some of them you will need to just fold a bit to keep it pinched. No need to secure with tape because we are going to use the pipe cleaners later.

Make a whole bunch of these and set them aside in your cardboard box lid. Lids work best because they are low and you have better access when painting. Plus your little flowers can fly all over the place when you move them.

Now go outside or to a well ventilated room and take these and your spray paint with you. I like to use 3 or more colors, they just look nicer in the arrangement. Separate your flowers into 3 piles, and spray each  lightly with the colors you chose. I used Pink, Blue and Green. Let Dry. It won't take long. By the time you get them back to the craft table, you should be good since you are only lightly spraying them.

Next, get out your pipe cleaners and net fabric, place the netting behind the flower. I like the texture it adds to the flowers. On some of the flowers I added 2 net circles and offset them to add just a little extra.

Then take your pipe cleaner ( I used a similar color to the flower ) bend over the end a bit and pinch and twist around the base of the flower. Make some of your stems longer than others so you can give your flowers different height in the vase. Do this with as many flowers as you like depending on the project. In this case I made 12 for my small pink vase.

Once you have all your flowers made, just start placing them in your vase. 
Aren't they Cute!

I have another very cute project that I am doing with these little flowers for my girls room. So stay tuned. This is a big project that is going to take time. But I am getting there. I can't wait to share it with you.
Hope you enjoyed this fun, cute flower tutorial.


  1. I love these flowers! We make tissue paper ones just like these, but I love the idea of using newspaper- recycling!

  2. Cute!! What a great idea...and cheaper than real flowers I might add :)

  3. What a clever idea and a great way to use up all of those newspapers!


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