Saturday, April 3, 2010

Treasure Chest Pets Review

The World’s FIRST organizer that makes putting things away FUN!

Treasure Chest Pets are a new patented line of organizers with secret compartments that look like fun stuffed animals for girls and boys.

They feature attachable pillow heads to snuggle up with and specially designed bodies that organize and store treasures on the inside and out!

My head is a pillow so we can snuggle up tight…

My body is made so you can store things right…

But best of all I have a SECRET SPACE

To keep all your special treasures in just the right place!

I received the “Cow” and “Monkey” Treasure Chest Pet for review. Thesefunctional stuffed animals are not only useful, they are adorable and soft. All of my 4 kids are big on their own space and keeping things just for them. With 4 of them, who can blame them for wanting a little privacy. Especially my son. These Treasure Chest Pets are a great way for them to keep their special things safe. I really like that they can remove the pillow and take it with them. We have taken them in the car and normally the kids want to bring along a toy, so this is perfect. They can bring the toy and TC Pet pillow together and keep it tucked away, leaving my car clean. It is also a great hiding place for their special jewelry, a little spending cash, makeup, keepsakes and so much more. I think this is a great product and all parents would love to have one for their kids!

Things that I love...
  • Functional – keep things hidden away and uncluttered
  • Fun – soft and cuddly with take along pillow with hidden pouch
  • Privacy – gives your kids a place to keep their special prizes and toys safe from younger siblings
  • Feel Special – each child will feel special that they have their own secret place just for them
  • Comfort – the TC Pet pillow is soft and comfortable, great for any nap time or car ride
  • Cute – many cute animals and storage areas to choose from
Meet some of the TC Pets

Accessory Chest Dog – This soulful face and removable pillow head has secret pockets in both ears. The soft tan fur foam body has a hidden drawer and two secret pockets on the outside of the body to store treasures.-This soulful face and removable pillow head has secret pockets in both ears. The soft tan fur foam body has a hidden drawer and two secret pockets on the outside of the body to store treasures.

Treasure Chest Monkey – This adorable monkey has a removable head with a gigantic pocket inside. It has brown fur and a soft foam body that opens like a treasure chest for the most precious treasures.

Media Chest Bear – The very cute Bear has a removable pillow head with an enormous secret pocket inside. It’s rust and tan fur is so soft and cuddly you won’t want to put him down. He even has a body with 3 compartments to store CD’s/DVD’s, speakers/cables, MP3’s and more.

The featured product {s} in this post were provided to me free of charge by the manufacturer or pr company representing the company. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and not influenced in any way by anyone.  Disclaimer/Terms of use.


  1. These are adorable. I bookmarked their site! It may make for some great holiday or birthday gifts! Thanks for the info! I am always amazed what I find on various blogs!

  2. What a fun idea. Happy Easter!

  3. Are these the same that were on Shark Tank? I saw them, or something very similar on that show awhile back, and I thought they were a really cute idea! :-)


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