Thursday, April 29, 2010

♥ On a Personal Note ♥

On a sad note... One year ago today, our family lost someone very special to us. This was the type of man that you wanted to be around everyday. He was everyones best friend. Easy to talk to. Understanding and helpful when you needed someone to talk to. We were proud to call him our family. We love you Norbert and miss you so much. There is not one day that goes by that we don't miss and love you.
 When you lose someone so wonderful and don't get the chance to say goodbye, it just crushes you. I wanted to share this song "God Only Knows" by Orianthi with you all. I listen to this song when I need a good cry. Wishing I could have said goodbye. Everyone should get that chance though I know its not possible.
Another great man in my life was my Papa. I was in high school when I lost my Papa and I had the opportunity to sit with him in his final hours. It was amazing to sit and talk. We shared stories and laughed. I even showed him my newly taken Senior pictures. He showed me his favorite one, then it was time for me to head off to bed. I knew time was close for him letting go, so I gave him the biggest hug I could. As I stood up to walk away, my Papa looked at me with the kindest smile and then winked. I will never forget that moment. I knew it was our final goodbye. He passed early that next morning and when asked if I wanted to say goodbye one last time. I said no. I wanted to remember that sweet wink and smile. It is burned in my memory forever.
This next song "If I had Only Known" by Reba has been another good song I listen to. The words in this song stick with me too. "If I had only known it was my last night by your side, I pray a miracle to stop the dawn""And when you Smiled at me".... I will never forget that "Wink & Smile" I love you Papa.

I wanted to remember these special men in my life today.
My prayer today... that we come closer to finding a cure for Cancer.
I hope these songs can bring comfort to just one of you. Thanks for reading!


  1. Sending sweet, special thoughts your way. You know the losses I suffered last year. Of course I am a blubbering mess right now watching Reba's video. Remember the sweet stuff my friend. ~Lanie

  2. I'm very sorry for those losses. I know the pain. It's nice when you can hold on to the good memories and let go of the bad. Thank you for sharing your beautiful memories.

  3. Thanks for sharing and posting something so special.


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