Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's April Fool's Day!

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It's April Fool's Day! What a fun day for so many people. I really wanted to write this long post saying that I had to shut down the blog, but I just know you wouldn't believe me. LOL

So instead, I just wanted to share with you a couple things that we had fun with on April Fool's Day in the past.

We have done many fun things, but here are a couple that we thought were the best.

Last year we told the kids there was no school. We said, "How about we take a drive to San Francisco?" They were so excited to spend the day in SF. My husband said, "Hurry up, we want to get there early." So we got in the car and started to drive towards their school. We said that we just wanted to drop something off there. They bought it. Hee! Hee! We got to the school and there were kids there. My kids still didn't question it because I told them the teachers had to work and they just brought their kids to play. Then as we pulled up to the drop off area, my husband and I turned around and said "APRIL FOOLS", now go to school. They started crying. We felt so bad that we took the kids to SF that weekend. But OMGoodness, I never thought it would work that good. They probably won't trust us this year. LOL

This is another fun April Fools that we pulled off. My parents and my husbands Godparents had gone to Hawaii. We knew I was pregnant when they left, but wanted to wait to call them on April Fools to tell them. So when the day came, I called my Dad. They were all out eating. It was the perfect time to tell them. I said, "Dad, I have some big news! I am pregnant." At first he was quiet, then said, "Wait a second, it's April 1st isn't it. You are NOT!" It then took me about 10 minutes to convince them all that I was actually pregnant. They all laughed in the background saying, no way, your not. Then OMG, you are? That is amazing. Then my Dad said, "You had better not tell me April Fools because I am excited now!" LOL I was pregnant with my last child and their last grandchild. They knew we were talking about it and knew that this would be the last baby in the family and were very happy. I assured him that I was really Pregnant and they could celebrate. I loved it! When they came home, they brought a little infant Hawaii shirt for the baby. So fun!

I would love to hear some of your fun April Fool's Pranks. 
Hope you have a fun day!


  1. What a memorable April Fools day you had! Thanks for sharing. I'm also having a giveaway for a super cute and trendy diaper changing pad if your interested. Come check it out


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  3. :] April fools can be so mean hahaha!

  4. This wasn't an April fools joke, but a wonderful surprise that I pulled off last year. My daughter went to a camp several hours from home. I dropped her off, then returned home. My son (then 9) was dying to go back with me a week later to pick her up, but he didn't know that she and I had planned to proceed on from the camp to visit some dear friends for two days and go to Busch Gardens (again). I took him with me, carefully hiding luggage in the trunk of the car. We picked up DD, then headed off to visit our friends. We had to drive 2+ hours to get there and I was CERTAIN he would figure it out. Each time we passed a road sign that said anything about Yorktown, Williamsburg, or Busch Gardens, my daughter and I pointed in the opposite direction and shouted "Look at that!" He looked EVERY time, though he knew we sure were acting strange. Finally, as we were approaching their house, we had to cross a bridge. Since we had just visited them (as a whole family) the month before, I was sure he'd recognize it. But, I made up a story about us being on the "other" side of a town (much closer to home) - a side he'd never seen because we just never went that way. He bought it. As we pulled into the neighborhood, DD called our friends to say "Baby bird is about to land." Oh, what fun! We pulled into the driveway and our friend was waiting outside. My son was so surprised! I don't think I'll ever be able to pull off a stunt like that again, but it sure was fun the first time!

  5. I am SO lame! I never pulled an April Fool's joke on anyone!

    I believe the year before I was in HS, they greased a pig and let it loose in the school. That's the only one I remember from my good old days.

  6. It had been a while since I played an April Fool's joke on anyone, but I was inspired this year. Last year and the year prior, I was 3 months pregnant with my two sons during April Fool's. Since they are just shy of a year apart, everyone keeps asking me if I am pregnant again. Well, I searched Flickr for the perfect ultrasound photo and posted an "announcement". When friends scrolled over the photo, they saw that I was having not one, but TWO babies. Quite a few friends bought it! It even made my mother's blood pressure rise. My hubby made me clearly state that it was April Fool's so that I wouldn't be bombarded with phone calls. I thought just saying "check the date" was enough. Either way, it turned out great!


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