Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cute Pencil Holder Tutorial

While we were visiting family, my girls wanted to make stuff. We can't leave home without taking our craft kits. LOL So this tutorial is one of the crafts we did while on vacation.

What you will need...
  • Vegetable Cans - cleaned and dry (remove labels)
  • Adhesive back scrapbook paper (in various patterns)
  • Paper cutter
  • Stamps
  • Glue Gun
~ How to make this Pencil Holder ~

After you gather your materials, you will want to measure and cut your scrapbook paper according to the size of your can. With this one, my paper was not long enough, so I used two pieces.

Then to hide the seams of paper, I took contrasting paper, in strips and attached those. I was glad that the paper was short, because this gave it a neat look I didn't think about at the time.

Next, you want to take your unused scrapbook paper and cut out flowers and shapes. For these I used the flowers, leaves and even cut out the letter shapes for the girls names. I had some stamps too, so I stamped the word cute on one piece and stuck that on there too!

The girls also worked on those cute paper folding tricks. LOL They started out making a bracelet and then decided to add them to their pencil holders. Loved how it turned out. I will share in another tutorial how to make those. you can use them for so many things.

~ And here it the finished look ~

That's it! A simple and quick fun project you can do with your kids. Even while on vacation. There are so many different scrapbook paper choice out there. So have fun. And even make some cool boy Pencil Holders too! I am going to work on one. But not sure if my 10 year old will think its cool. LOL

Other ideas for this....
  • Use to hold crayons or markers
  • Make a bunch of them and store one color of crayons in each
  • Use them in the craft room to hold many different items
  • Make and art caddy for the kids with these. I could see, glue, markers, scissors, ect.
  • Teachers gifts ~ Make one for this years teacher gift
  • Add the child's picture for a personal touch
Be Creative and have fun with it. And please share yours with us. Just email your photos to trendytreehouse@me.com

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  1. Ca - ute!!!! Love them! ~Lanie

  2. If you can't find adhesive paper, could you hot glue the paper on?

  3. It must be the week to craft with cans because that is what I did this week only I can't reveal mine right now. It is made for a publication ;)I have seen several other "can" crafts today as well. I think your pencil can idea is very cute :)

  4. these are tooo cute!
    Love them

  5. Hi Tara, I just want to thank you for "finding" me and featuring my button :). (Cheap Chic Home)

  6. I love the rick rack you made for the tops. Nice touch. Good luck!


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