Thursday, April 22, 2010

Balloon Barrette Tutorial & Book Review

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Now, Gather up some supplies for some fun new barrettes.  I found a wonderful book online. And as you already know, I am addicted to buying Craft books. Yes, I had to buy it!  

~Hair Bows for Kids~
A fun book that offers so many fun ways to make hair bows and barrettes out of things you wouldn't even think of. Some of the items she uses, is shoe laces, balloons, buttons, vinyl (yes I did write vinyl) and even food items. Too cute. You have to get this book. You can buy it HERE

Balloon Barrettes
Today I am going to share with you a tutorial about the balloon barrettes.

Aren't they cute! I can't wait to make various versions of these. I have so much in mind!

We'll start with the 
Large Balloon Barrette

What you will need....
  • Large Balloons (about 10) in various colors
  • Large Barrette
How to make them...
First, remove the back metal pieces from the barrette. Take one balloon (add just a bit of air) and tie it to the barrette. Continue tying the balloons on in alternate directions until you used all 10 balloons.

This is what the barrette should look like on the back. Keep the knots on the top side so it doesn't interfere with the barrettes metal back pieces. 
Place the two metal pieces back on the barrette. And that's it your done. It is that simple.
Look at how cute it looks in hair.
Small Balloon Barrette

What you will need...
  • Small Balloons (30) in various colors
  • Large Barrette
  • 6 1/8" ribbons cut to 6" each (any color will do, they aren't going to show.
How to make them...
Again, remove the back pieces off the barrette and set aside.  Start by taking 1 ribbon and tying 6 small balloons (filled with a bit of air) to the center. Continue making 6 clusters of these.
Now you have the finished clusters. It's time to add them to the barrette.
Double knot each cluster onto the barrette. Trim excess ribbons. You can always use a little glue to the knots also to keep them from coming undone. I did. 
Add on your barrette pieces and done. Another fun and easy balloon barrette.

I love this one because it has so many balloons. It just looks so cute.
Balloon Hair Clip

Fun Ideas for these....
  • Make them for the Birthday Girl
  • Give them as party favors at a birthday party
  • Add curling ribbons or netting for a special look
  • Make a variety of colors (rainbows or choose 2 or 3 colors
  • Make them all in one color and splatter with paint. These are in the book too! They are adorable.
  • Try adding 3 small balloon ribbon clusters to a clip for younger girls
  • They would make fun gifts too!
  • There is so much you can do with them. Have Fun!
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  1. Oh I am FOR SURE doing this! Too cute! I hope you share more of those ideas! LOL! Thanks girlie!

  2. Your welcome. I had fun making these. I will be posting another tutorial that I learned from this book very soon.

  3. Ohhh, those are adorable!!!! Gotta love balloons and their million uses :) & I think this is even something I could pull off! ;)

  4. Following you from MBC!

    Jeanette Huston

  5. I think these look super fun to make! Just adorable!

  6. I spend a fortune on hair bows, that are almost immediately lost! This is a great book - I'll have to be extra frugal and first see if our library has it! Thanks for posting!

  7. I absolutely love this post and the idea about giving them as party favors is brilliant! Thanks for sharing!

  8. I love how these turned out. I am definitely going to make some. Thanks for sharing this.

  9. OH my goodness! I haven't seen this book in AGES! My mom made hairbows for my sister and I when we were in school!! :)


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