Thursday, March 18, 2010

♥ On a Personal Note ♥

Dreams do come true!!!

Would you believe that my hubby found this on Craigslist? Yep. We have been looking for a boat for sometime. Now, I would love to get a beautiful new Party Boat. Wouldn't we all! But FREE is good. It even has a little cabin in front where the kids can ride, okay PLAY. LOL

The kids were off to school and my hubby decided to go get this to surprise them. We have been dragging them all over the place looking at boats. I mean like day drives to make a deal that never panned out. So when they saw Daddy drive in with this, they were so excited. They ran straight out there and explored.  So adorable. Oh and sorry about my sons eyes being closed. Don't know what happened there. LOL The kids are also in their play clothes. One of the nice days outside. I think it hit low 70's that day. Much nicer than the cloudy, cold days we had been having.

So anyway, there was one catch with this boat. NO trailer. Good thing hubby is a contractor. He took his big truck and trailer to pick this up. Plus he is great at building things. So he has a job to get this beauty on a trailer and in shape before summer hits. We plan on camping in Tahoe this year. How fun would it be to watch all the jet boat owners smirk and giggle as we dock this boat. 

I told Hubby that I need to add a few things to the back of the boat. Just for giggles.

"Don't Laugh. At Least We Have a Boat"

Oh and did I mention the guy we bought it from was an older military guy who loves to document things. He took over 100 photos of Hubby during the whole process. So funny. He had them on disc before Keith could even leave the driveway. I just have to show you a couple of them.

~ He had to be creative with loading it ~

~ Isn't this funny. He snuck in a few of these ~
Very neat guy. He even sent home Gold Coins for the kids. How Sweet.

~ Almost Done ~

~ And he even took some shots of the truck and Keith driving away. He said he would email them over.  Funny. I can't wait to see them. ~

So, any names for the boat? Would love to hear them. Gilligan Maybe? Ha!

K, well I just wanted to share that with you all. Hope you have a fun day!


  1. How fun! I've always wanted a sailboat...even though I have no idea how to sail one! And you go that for FREE?!? How cool is that!

  2. congrats on your "Boat"... I have always wanted one.. but did not know how to care, drive, ride or do anything with a boat...lol I do have a CG son who could teach me... just a thought!
    Nice post!



  3. Wow! What a find! You guys can laugh at the people in their fancy boats that are in major debt trying to figure out how to pay the payment each month!

  4. Wow! What a find! You guys can laugh at the people in their fancy boats that are in major debt trying to figure out how to pay the payment each month!

  5. Awesome deal! I would love to get a boat! Careful boating on Tahoe though! (if you have't before) It can get rough in smaller boats! We tried it once and were holding on for dear life! (we tried tubing, and I got thrown and did about 3 cartwheels on top of the water...funny sight!)

  6. LUCKY!!! I wish we could find a boat, even if it isn't the most glorious looking on on the lake. A boat is a boat is super fun! Awesome for you, sads for me...

  7. Thanks everyone. We are very excited about it. Now we just have to pretty it up and get the motor running. Yeah!

  8. Congrats on your boat:) Love ya blog....Have a great weekend!! I'm a new follower .......

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